I'm so honored to be considered to photograph your new family

Newborn photography is one of the great privileges of my job. A new baby is the sweetest, most precious gift. Babies don’t look like the squishy newborn for long, so I love to do newborn photography between  7 to 14 days old, but there are always other circumstances that might change that timeline (hospital stays, the health of you and baby, a pandemic, etc). It is my hope that you come to the studio feeling comfortable and at home. I have tips on how to prepare your newborn for their photography session, so that you have the best chance of a successful session at the bottom on this page. 

I am truly honored to be able to document this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby. 

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NewbornPhotography Sessions

Karina is so wonderful. She did 48 hrs photos after our daughter was born. She was so relaxed and was amazing with our 7 year old and the baby. She gave us the best gift. Beautiful photos on a very precious day.

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Karina is so relaxed and fun to work with! From our newborn sessions to extended family photoshoots, she's made the experience both fun, laidback and memorable. Her turnaround time is SO FAST and I'm always so pleased with the end result!

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Helping your newborn with the photoshoot

Before the shoot, please feed baby 2-3 hours prior, and plan on feeding him/her as soon as you get here! Also, please do not let him sleep beforehand, instead try giving him a bath, let him kick with only a diaper, tickle his toes, and even let him fuss for a little bit (no pacifiers) for the few hours beforehand. This will ensure those squishy, sleepy newborn pictures! I can’t stress that it’s so important to do your best to keep him awake. I have experienced many shoots where parents come in saying “baby has been sleeping all morning, but trust me, he sleeps SO good this time of day!” only to have baby wake up, since they will be unclothed and unswaddled!

It will be at least 80 degrees in the studio. Due to this, I come dressed for a warm few hours and suggest you do too. Session will be about an hour. The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to nurse/bottlefeed off and on.

If you can, bring the soothie pacifier the hospital sent you home with. It’s the bendable, green/blue/orangish one, and won’t leave marks. Even if you haven’t used one, just for the hour that I’m posing him/her usually really helps. If you don’t happen to have one, I keep unopened soothies here in the studio (as well as plenty of newborn diapers). However if you really prefer that we don’t use one, that’s fine as well!