A Busy Mom’s Business VLOG | Episode 3 -Nighttime & Morning Routine.

Welcome to K Tobin Video, a busy mom’s business VLOG. I am a teacher, a mom to two kids and have 3 small businesses.  My husband is a pilot so I have to “fly solo” a lot. People always want to know how I “do it all”. And the answer is, I don’t. So, I decided to give away all of my secrets. And today is Nighttime and Morning routine.

Basically they go hand in hand. Our afternoon and nighttime routine are in place so that we can have smooth mornings. I already told you in episode 1 that we make our lunches the day before.

For our nighttime routine, we do kid baths and showers (usually every other day). When the kids get up in the morning, they know that they can’t leave their rooms unless they are dressed for the day. We lay out their clothes the night before so that it’s not a huge issue. The kids know how to make basic breakfasts and brush their own hair and teeth. When they watch a quick TV show, I hop in the shower and then get ready for work!


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