A Busy Mom’s Business VLOG | Episode 2 – Laundry

Welcome to K Tobin Video, a busy mom’s business VLOG. I am a teacher, a mom to two kids and have 3 small businesses.  My husband is a pilot so I have to “fly solo” a lot. People always want to know how I “do it all”. And the answer is, I don’t. So, I decided to give away all of my secrets. Today is laundry.

Today’s episode is a really quick one. Your kids are never too young to do chores.  My kids do all the sorting of the laundry now.  I put it in the machine, they take it out, and they sort it.  I will help them fold it, but they put it all away. We never let it sit around for more than a day.  It just drives me crazy!  There are two different colored baskets in my laundry room.  There is a lighter basket for whites and a darker basket for the darker colored clothes. I also have bags in my laundry room (by the door to the garage) with their sports clothes in them.  They are all separate are ready to go depending on what sport we have that night.  At the moment, all we have is gymnastics and it is glorious!!!


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