A Busy Mom’s Business VLOG | Episode 1 – After School Routine

Welcome to K Tobin Video, a busy mom’s business VLOG. I am a teacher, a mom to two kids and have 3 small businesses.  My husband is a pilot so I have to “fly solo” a lot. People always want to know how I “do it all”. And the answer is, I don’t. So, I decided to give away all of my secrets. Routines are a huge part of my secret.

In today’s video, I want to talk about after school routine. Repetition helps kids to learn tasks over time and takes away “fear of the unknown”. I use routines in my teaching as well as in my parenting.  Repetition is NOT boring!  It really does help your kiddos. And it helps moms to stay more organized.

  1. Everything has its place.
  2. Kids make their lunches
  3. Kids do their homework
  4. Then they can have free time
  5. We do dinner and family time after!


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