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Favorite Photos of 2018 | Washington State

My favorite photos of 2018 are back!  What happens when you get super duper busy and have forgotten to blog in over a year?  You forget to do a “favorite photos” post from a year ago. Sorry 2017….you got all the blogs, but you didn’t get a recap.  So, here we go on 2018!!!!

In 2018, my studio business grew. I shot 4 weddings (which was a step back for me) and I traveled to Guatemala with my Noonday jewelry company.  All of my clients know what this company is now!  In 2019, I have earned a trip to Ecuador  and I’m so excited to be able to travel to South America for the first time ever. I just feel so blessed that this company has given me so much and also gives so much back to communities around the world.

Here’s to hoping that I blog more in 2019. But for now, here are some of my favorite photos from the last year for you!

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