College Campus Love | Longview Washington Photographer

Almost exactly 14 years ago, I married the love of my life from College.  I was so blessed today to witness my OWN flower girl get married.  I joke with her a lot about this, but it means so much to me that she chose me to document her special day.  I can’t even believe how lucky I have been to have kept in touch with all of the people that meant so much to my own husband and me back in the day when we decided to start our lives together.

From cheerleaders to baseball players, this wedding party was a blast.  You could tell they were all friends and all got along and they were all there to support and honor the happy couple with no regrets.  One of my favorite quotes from speeches tonight was from the maid of honor (whose wedding I also photographed!).  She said their personalities meshed well and they were made for each other. “Mikiah likes to talk and Ryan is a good listener.” It made everyone laugh, but it is totally true.  They are yin and yang, but these opposites attract and made a beautiful couple tonight.  Congrats to you two and may God bless your marriage abundantly!!

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