Country Garden Wedding – Troutdale Oregon Photographer

I am so glad that I have gotten the pleasure of meeting this amazing couple.  From the moment they walked into the coffee shop where we had our first meeting, I knew that we were going to click. I was hired through April Williams Photography. We met at a wedding expo and chatted the entire time.  We got along instantly and have kept in touch ever since.  When April contacted me about wanting me to shoot video for one of her weddings, I jumped at the chance to finally work with her!

The day was supposed to pour down rain, so the bride and groom waited until the last minute to determine whether or not they wanted to continue outside or bring their ceremony inside.  In the end, we decided that it IS Oregon and outside would be the perfect way to celebrate their day.  It felt a lot like beach mist and I honestly didn’t hear anyone talk about the weather.  Everyone was talking about how beautiful the bride was, the gorgeous flowers, the great food, and the fact that everyone in the bridal party cried during vows because of the love that these two share.  It was an amazing demonstration of love and loyalty and I hope to run into these two again soon!

Please enjoy the photos I caught and the video demo from their special day yesterday.

[vimeo 166681844 w=640 h=360]

Ann and Mark Web Demo from Karina Tobin on Vimeo.

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  1. Diana Barry

    What a remarkable job!! Love it!

  2. Jeannine Fleeman

    Absolutely Stunning!

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