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Fall Shabby-Chic Details | Vancouver Washington Wedding Photographer

Shabby-chic details and fall colors galore! The blessing of my side business is that I get to choose who I want to spend my time with.  I have a full time job.  I am a part-time single mother as well.  But, then, I get this amazing “Hobby” that I get to do on the side.  I spend the majority of my nights and weekends on my computer.  If I’m not taking photos, then I am editing, doing taxes, blogging, and corresponding to people that have inquired for services.  There is never really much down time at my house.

The Beeks Wedding was one of the only ones that I decided to take on this fall, due to the fact that I have basically known Aubree since she was born!  Her mom was my care-giver when my mom first went back to work after her maternity leave with me.  Aubree’s older sister was my first real best friend.  Our lives have been intertwined since the beginning.

Her wedding was absolutely fabulous!  October, so the fall feeling was everywhere.  From the pumpkins to the flowered-centerpieces.  Shabby-chic designs and fun cowls for the bridesmaids.  Aubree picked out everything herself and yet she was such a laid-back bride to work with!  Thanks again for allowing me to capture these memories for you!  I hope we make many more memories to come, dear friend!


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